Our swine herd is in transition. Right now we have one Berkshire Hampshire cross sow and a Duroc Hampshire cross boar. We will be transitioning to a registered herd of Hampshire pigs over the course of the next 12 months.

We manage our herd so that our peak production occurs during foraging months. We have a rotational pasture based feed program. Our pigs enjoy their summers out in the pasture with access to shelter, mud, and fresh water. We find happy healthy pigs produce the best meat.

We offer piglets for sale in the spring and fall, finished hogs available throughout the year, and meat available by the half, whole, or specific cut on the farm.

We are lucky to have a dedicated consumer base. Please contact us to reserve your pork, while we strive to have a consistent supply of meats available at our farm store we do sell out periodically. We offer a waiting list for piglets so speak up early.