Why Miniature Cattle?

  • Beef Production
  • Land Maintenance (will keep fields from growing over)
  • 4-H
  • Pets
  • Pasture mate for other livestock
  • Breeding Stock
  • Team Penning, Team Sorting Stock
  • Roping Stock

Miniature cattle are animals that meet specific height requirements at maturity. The International Miniature Cattle Association classifies animals as mini if at 3 years of age are 48 inches or less at the hip. There are two categories of mini cows, full miniature and midsize miniature. A full miniature is an animal that at age 3 is below 42 inches at the hip a midsized miniature is between 42 inches and 48 inches at the hip at maturity.

Mini cows are easier on land, equipment, and facilities. As the size of family farms decrease it becomes more difficult to farm. Miniature cattle offer an alternative. They allow those of us with only a few acres the ability to raise multiple head without straining our resources.

With mini cattle you can raise more head per acre than with traditional cattle. This leads to maximum beef for your acre. Rather than having 2 traditional cattle you can have a small herd on the same acreage. Since cattle are herd animals this makes it easier on everyone.

Miniature cattle are more efficient at feed conversion than larger cattle. About 1/3 the feed is typical.