Ministock Farm, Randolph Vermont

Welcome to Ministock Farm. We are a small family farm dedicated to producing high quality naturally raised grass fed meats.

We began farming to produce quality foods for our family. We wanted to know where our meat came from and what was in it. As we shared these goals with friends and family it became clear that many people feel the same. The demand for high quality naturally raised grass fed meats has been overwhelming and has lead to our expansion.

Ministock Farm specializes in raising Miniature Belted Galloways and Hampshire pigs. We have selected these breeds to best fit our farm and our consumer market. Miniature Belted Galloways are hardy animals well attuned to the Vermont climate, their breed characteristics make them exceptional for a grass based feed program, and their temperaments make them a joy to raise. Hampshire pigs are well suited to pasture based feed programs, are hardy animals, and the sows are great mothers.

We offer quality breeding stock for sale, sell finished animals ready for slaugher, and meat by the whole, half or cut from our on the farm retail space (by appointment).